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[Above photo shows the PISAY-CVisC scholars with their adviser and secretariat proudly displaying the Philippine flag and their awards.]

by: Juliana Marie Galbizo

The EINSTEIN Club of PSHS-CVisC has once more brought honor to the school after bagging awards during the Asian Young Inventors Exhibition (AYIE) in concurrent with the 27TH International Invention and Innovation Exhibition (ITEX) in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia last May 12-14, 2016.

Five groups from PSHS-CVisC along with four other teams from Caraga Region represented the Philippines during the AYIE. Out of the 5 groups from PSHS, four (4) of which were given gold medals, namely the “SargassumMuticum (Brown Seaweed) Extract as a Potential Organic Fungicide” by Mary Therese Budumo, Carla Alexandra Castillo, and Juliana Marie Galbizo, “Photocatalytic Hand Sanitizer Against E.Coli and S. Aureus” by Raphael David Condor, Elijah Joseph Consing, and James Casia, “ Anti-Ripening Paper: A Promising Approach for Reduction of Fruit Spoilage” by Malycka Roz Rentuza and Hannah Nicole Gaudiel, and the “ Portable Energy Saving Solar Powered Cold Water Dispenser” by Marybeth Flonia Sato, Raphael David Condor and Katarina Escobanas. A silver medal and an Excellent Innovation award from Ministry of Educaton in Thailand were given to the innovative project of Johanna Dominique Cachila, Glenn Rafael Huan, and Gabriella Manigsaca entitled "Portable Water Powered Lamp".

The Pisay- CVisC teams were accompanied by Mr. Benito A. Baje, club adviser and Research Unit Head, and Rowena R. Arnaiz, club secretariat, in Malaysia.

Eleven (11) countries all over Asia and the world were able to join the AYIE, presenting around 238 innovations. Approximately One hundred seven (107) awards for gold, silver, and bronze medals were given to the participants who won the exhibit. Special awards from other countries were also given to various exhibitors during the event.

The ITEX is an annual exhibition which shows 23 different invention categories that are related to Sci-Tech innovation or technology wherein scientists and young students alike, help to make everyday life easier. AYIE showcases young inventors and their inventions on a pedestal to international spectators. This event targets Asian inventors aged 20 and below, AYIE nurtures the innovative skills at a young age. Other exhibits in ITEX include the Malaysian Young Inventors Exhibit (MYIE), and the International Conference on Invention & Design (ICID).

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[Above photo shows the Philippine team gold medalists with their advisers (left side: PSHS-CVisC, right side: CARAGA region).]