Elmido Nathan solo3Organized by the Technology Licensing Office (TLO) of PSHS-CVisC, the 1st PSHS-CVisC MakerSpace Challenge is currently being held from July 19 through 23, 2022 at the MakerSpace Laboratory of PSHS-CVisC. This event brings together talented and enthusiastic Grade 12 scholars from the campus to participate in a mentoring opportunity with an invited Nanotechnology expert, Dr. Rey Y. Capangpangan, a Mindanao State University - Naawan Campus professor and founder of REYLabs (Research on Environment and Nanotechnology).

During the opening program, the selected scholars presented their proposed innovations which dealt with nanotechnology and materials with applications in agriculture and aquaculture. These projects were outputs from the recently concluded Einstein-PhInovS Innovation Camp held on the campus last June 6-24, 2002. After the presentation, the scholars will have a fun and engaging learning opportunity with Dr. Capangpangan in performing the experiments and developing their innovations in this five-day event.

“Hosting this MakerSpace Challenge is one of the endeavors that the TLO takes to help our scholars create innovations, venture into emerging technologies, protect their IP, publish in SCOPUS-indexed journals and ultimately, conduct technology transfer in the community, “ says Dr. Benito Baje, the PSHS System Technology Licensing Officer and Founder-adviser of Einstein-Philippine Innovators Society (Einstein-PhInovS).