In view of the rising cases of COVID-19 — declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization and as a Public Health Emergency by the Office of the President, Philippine Science High School – Central Visayas Campus assures all personnel, students, and parents that necessary precautionary measures are in place.

The Office of the Campus Director has declared that the school will minimize the number of actual classroom interaction and that it will adopt the blended learning approach, which brings teaching and learning on different online platforms with scheduled or arranged face-to-face sessions, starting next week.

Students are permitted to leave the campus for their respective homes after classes today, March 12, 2020. All instructions and materials (e.g., worksheets, modules, and PPTs) will be made available by teachers for students to access from their online classrooms.

The school will continue to implement the following preventive measures: 1) canceling activities that draw sizable number of participants; 2) providing alcohol and hand sanitizers in all strategic areas; 3) monitoring the body temperature and health condition of employees, students, and anyone who gets inside school premises; and 4) disinfecting classrooms, offices, and dormitories.

The PSHS – CVisC community is advised to remain calm, observe sanitary practices, and stay updated with official announcements regarding COVID-19.

This directive will remain in effect until further notice.

- PSHS-CVisC Media Communications and Promotions Committee

Source: Memorandum No. 043, series of 2020, dated March 12, 2020, from the Office of the Campus Director of PSHS-CVisC