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  • Philippine Science High School - Central Visayas Campus (PSHS-CVisC)
  • Philippine Science High School - Central Visayas Campus (PSHS-CVisC)
  • Philippine Science High School - Central Visayas Campus (PSHS-CVisC)
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Each year the Philippine Science High School admits 240 students for the Main Campus and 90 students for all Regional.  A limited number of scholarship slots become vacant due to failure to meet the academic requirement and willful abandonment of scholarship.  To maximize the utilization of resources of PSHS, qualified students are admitted to fill the vacant slots.
General Guidelines:
  • 1.)  Transfer to PSHS is open only to incoming Grade 8 applicants who have completed their Grade 7 secondary education from other high schools.
  • 2.)  The number of transfer students accepted yearly depends on the vacant scholarship slots available to complete an enrolment of 240 for the main campus and 90 for regional campuses.  For S.Y. 2014-2015, two (2) scholarship slots are available for PSHS-Central Visayas Campus.
Criteria for Eligibility:
  • 1.)  The student should belong to the upper 5% of his/her class and or should have a grade of 85% and above in all subjects.
  • 2.)  He/She should have a character rating of at least VS (Very Satisfactory).
  • 3.)  The student must not have a pending application for immigrant status in a foreign country.
  • 4.)  The student must pass the accreditation examination in the following subject areas:
    • a.)  Mathematics
    • b.)  Science
    • c.)  Communication Arts (English)
For Academic Year 2014-2015:
Applicants for Academic Year 2014-2015 must submit the following not later than April 15, 2014.
  • 1.)  An accomplished application form.
  • 2.)  An endorsement and certification by the Principal of the School where the applicant is presently enrolled.
  • 3.)  Two recent 1 x 1 ID pictures.
  • 4.)  A non-refundable processing fee of P100.00.
  • 5.)  An original and photocopy of his official transcript of records/report card.
The Accreditation Examination will be administered in PSHS - Central Visayas Campus in Talaytay, Argao, Cebu on April 28, 2014 (tentative schedule).  Application forms are now available at the Registrar’s Office or can be downloaded here.


Republic Act 3661 established the Philippine Science High School and mandates it to offer on a free scholarship basis a secondary course with emphasis on subjects pertaining to science with the end in view of preparing its students for careers in science and technology. From the first campus in Diliman, Quezon City in 1963, it has at present expanded into eleven campuses nationwide.

The Davao and Iloilo campuses were created in 1988 and 1993 respectively, followed by that in Tacloban in 1994. The increase in the number of campuses necessitated the harmonization of policies and curriculum to ensure that uniform standards are maintained in all campuses. Thus, the PSHS System was created by RA 8496 in 1998 when three other campuses were established in Cagayan Valley, Bicol and Central Mindanao Regions.

A campus in Ilocos Region was opened in 2003 in response to one of the provisions in RA 9036, An Act Strengthening the Governance and Defining the Scope of the PSHS System, Amending for the Purpose RA 8496. Another campus opened in 2006 at Central Visayas. Two more campuses opened in June of 2009, the Central Luzon Campus and the Cordillera Administrative Region Campus. As provided for by law, additional campuses in other regions will be established in the future.
The PSHS System is an attached agency of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). The highest policy making body of the PSHS System is the Board of Trustees with the DOST Secretary as Chairman.
· Free tuition fee
· Free loan of text books
· Monthly stipend
· Uniform, transportation and living allowances for low income groups
A grade 6 or 7 elementary pupil from a duly recognized school by the Department of Education, who meets the following criteria is eligible to apply for the PSHS National Competitive Examination (NCE). He/She must:
1. belong to the upper 10% of the batch (SY 2010-2011) and does not have a grade below 80 as certified by the School Principal. If the applicant does not belong to the upper 10%, he/she should have special aptitude in science and math as evidenced by the report card, with at least a final grade of 85 in Science and Math and 80 in all other subjects;
2. be a Filipino citizen with no pending application as immigrant to any foreign country;
3. be born on or after June 1, 1997 ;
4. be in good health and fit to undergo a rigorous academic program;
5. be of good conduct and behavior; and
6. not have taken the PSHS NCE previously.
1. Fully accomplished Application Form in two (2) copies
2. Two (2) identical recent 1 x 1 ID pictures
3. Non-refundable test fee — for private school students — P 100
— for public school students — free
4. Copy of report card if the applicant does not belong to the upper 10% of the batch (SY 2010-2011)
Only one test will be administered, a scholastic aptitude test (known as National Competitive Examination) which is designed to measure Scientific Ability, Quantitative Ability, Abstract Reasoning and Verbal Aptitude. The NCE will be administered on September 10, 2011.
The PSHS NCE application form and the accompanying material are NOT FOR SALE, NO RESERVATION FEE is REQUIRED, may be PHOTOCOPIED, and may be DOWNLOADED FROM THE PSHS WEBSITE,
Application forms are available and may be filed at any of the following: PSHS Campuses, DOST Regional offices, or Provincial Science and Technology Offices. Application forms with incomplete information will not be processed. Erasures, alterations and insertions must be initialed by the applicant.
The Examination Permit/s will be issued to the applicants upon completion of all documents by the campus where the application was processed. For applications filed with DOST agencies, the exam permits will be mailed to the applicant or to the school principal for distribution to its applicant/s. In case the exam permits are not received two weeks before the examination day, the applicants should check with the nearest PSHS campus, DOST Regional Office, DOST Provincial Science and Technology Office, or the PSHSS Admissions Office.
The deadline for filing of application is: August 12, 2013
The date of the Examinations is: September 28, 2013


Main Campus
Agham Road, Diliman, Q.C.
Tel. No. (02) 929-1606 / 924-0614
Ilocos Region Campus
San Ildefonso, Ilocos Sur
Tel. No. (077) 726-4190 to 91
Cagayan Valley Campus
Bayombong, Nueva Viscaya
Mobile No.: 0906-3752729
Central Luzon Campus
Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles City
Tel. No. (045) 893-4357
Bicol Region Campus
Goa, Camarines Sur
Tel. No. (054) 453-2048 / 453-1463
Western Visayas Campus
Jaro District, Iloilo City
Tel. No. (033) 329-5644 / 329-2011
Central Visayas Campus
Talaytay, Argao, Cebu
Tel No. (032) 513-0957
Eastern Visayas Campus
Palo, Leyte
Tel. No. (053) 323-5627 / 327-6192 / 323-5616
Central Mindanao Campus
Balo-i, Lanao del Norte
Tel No. (063) 836-0097 to 98
Southern Mindanao Campus
Tugbok District, Davao City
Tel. No. (082) 293-0002 / 0004
Cordillera Administrative Region Campus
Camp 8, Baguio City
Tel No. (074) 442-1100
You may also file at DOST Regional Offices or at DOST Provincial Science and Technology Offices.